The Cancer Journeys Foundation is proud to announce our…
2020 King and Queen of the Mountain
Strava Competitions!

(A sample competition segment for our 2020 KOM/QOM Competition)

A KOM and QOM Competition Coming to Your Neck of the Woods!

2019 markedthe 9th edition of the King and Queen of the Mountain (KOM / QOM) cycling awards at Jeremiah Bishop’s Alpine Loop Gran Fondo in Harrisonburg, Virginia.

We love awarding these KOM and QOM jerseys because the winners demonstrate the #NeverGiveUp! spirit that cancer survivors need to have on their cancer journeys. The Alpine Loop Gran Fondo also is one of our best fundraising programs and generates several thousand dollars each year to support cancer survivors.

We know that not everyone can make it to Virginia, so we brainstormed how we could bring inspiration, camaraderie, and joy across the country – while raising money for cancer survivors and promoting the benefits of exercise. Being Strava enthusiasts ourselves, the idea for competitions took off, and we are now prepped and ready to sponsor 15 Strava-based competitions across the country in 2020!

But, we need your input first! Which 15 Strava Segments should we pick?

We are looking for the best Strava Segments, in the most densely populated areas, across the country. Submit your favorite Strava Segment to us! We’re going to pick the 15 that allow the most riders to participate in our competition!

How to Submit a Segment in 4 Easy Steps

1. Log-in to your Strava account and click the box that says “Athletes” and change the search terms to “Segments”. Type in the name of your segment in the search box.

2. After searching for your Segment, choose your desired Segment from the search results.

3. After opening the Segment, highlight the URL/Website Address at the top and press Control+C (to Copy the address).

4. Email with your Segment URL and Segment name, and you’re all set! We greatly appreciate your input!

Timeline and FAQs

Want to create your own segment?
Just follow the directions for creating a segment and send the URL along to us.

When is the deadline to submit a segment?
We will be taking segment submissions until December 31st, 2019. You may submit as many segments as you like!

When and where can I register?
The final 15 competition segments will be announced, and registration will become available, on January 3rd. We will send out more information regarding registration as we get closer to the New Year, and we will also be promoting the competition on our social media channels.

What is the cost to participate?
The cost to participate in the digital competitions will be $10. This helps us cover the cost of the KOM/QOM jerseys and helps us raise money for our 2020 programs.

How many times can we attempt a segment?
You will be able to attempt the segment as many times as you like between January 3rd and December 31st, 2020!

What will the winners receive?
Every male and female winner, from each age group, will receive a KOM or QOM jersey* and receive a hometown press release (with your approval)! Additionally, in the spirit of #NeverGiveUp!, we will also be sending out special Lantern Rouge awards!

*Note: There must be at least two competitors in an age group to qualify for a jersey.