2018 Cancer Tour de USA

//2018 Cancer Tour de USA

Cancer Hates a Healthy Body – So, Just Do IT®

We all know Nike’s famous slogan to get off the couch and do something. That slogan is especially appropriate for cancer survivors, because diet and exercise are two key factors that every cancer survivor controls.

Cancer hates a fit body because a fit body has an active immune system that works 24 x 7 to keep cancer cells from developing and spreading.


Walking is the easiest and least expensive exercise program you can find. All you need to do is to put on your most comfortable shoes – other than those cushy slippers – and head out the door.

But it’s always easier to walk with someone else. So, we’re creating walking events where cancer survivors can meet, walk, and inspire each other.


Almost every health commercial you see on television shows someone bicycling. And for good reason! Almost all of us learned to bicycle at an early age. It’s one of the first rites of passage we all go through. Bicycling is easy, pretty inexpensive [we’ll show you how in another post], and a great way to see some scenery as you get in those exercise minutes.

Virtually every community has at least one local bicycle shop and those shop owners can connect you with one or more local bicycle clubs that will be delighted to welcome you aboard and get you started.


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Cancer is a tenacious enemy, but we can beat cancer through early detection and treatment. 2018 is the inaugural year of the Cancer Journeys Foundation’s biennial Tour de USA® for cancer awareness and prevention.

From August 1 to September 10, Cancer Journeys Foundation president Robert Hess will cross the US and back, beginning in Los Angeles and traveling through 11 states, raising awareness of the critical importance for early detection of prostate cancer.

picture of Cancer Journeys Foundation president Robert Hess with his MX-5 Miata that he will drive on the 2018 Tour de USA

Supporters will be able to follow his progress in real time on the Internet and drive along with him on daily segments. Full details are available at https://TourdeUSA.Events.

At Left

Cancer Journeys Foundation
President Robert Hess

With his MX-5 Miata he will drive leading the 2018 Tour de USA

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