2020 Cancer Journeys Foundation and DVEN Sprint and KOM/QOM Champions

COVID-19 threw all of us cyclists an un-hittable curveball in March 2020 and ended just about every in-person cycling competition in the US. We even had to cancel the 10th-anniversary edition of the Alpine Loop Gran Fondo in September.

Cycling in groups was too dangerous but solo riding was approved so our team created a number of Sprint and KOM/QOM competition segments across the US that cyclists could train and ride solo and comply with all CDC guidance.

The competition went live in June 2020. The cyclist who signed up could ride a sprint or KOM climbing segment as many times as they liked – until midnight on December 31st – to log their best possible time.

Strava.com was the perfect platform for our competition. We used it to select the segments and verify the times posted by the competitors. Riders competed in USA Cycling 5-year age groups.

We are delighted to present our 2020 Sprint and KOM/QOM Champions

John Buckley, Culver, City, CA
Michael Burke, Los Angeles, CA
David Cranston, Malibu, CA
Jason Bock, Brea, CA
Trinity Gau, Hacienda Heights, CA
Robert Hess, Manhattan Beach, CA
James Paschal, Falls Church, VA
Rachel Toomey, Stuart, FL

Jason Bock, Brea, CA [Sprint and KOM champion] Darrel Askey, Washington, UT
Brian Dower, St. George, UT
Robert Hess, Manhattan Beach, CA
James Paschal, Falls Church, VA [Sprint and KOM champion]

Winners Received Custom Jerseys for their Efforts
Each KOM/QOM and Sprint Champion received a special, custom CJF cycling jersey. At CJF, our motto is to “Never Give Up!” and we know our riders will help inspire their communities and exude the spirit that is so common in cancer survivors.

Well Done!

On behalf of the Cancer Journeys Foundation Board of Directors and our programs team, “Congratulations on your success and living up to the #NeverGiveUp motto.”

2021 Sprint and KOM/QOM Competition

Planning for our 2021 competition program is underway. There will be outdoor segments as well as a Zwift program.

Do you have a favorite Strava KOM or Sprint you would like to see included in our 2021 competition? Email the Strava segment URL to 2021Segments @ CancerJourneysFoundation.org.


King and Queen of the Mountain Jerseys Front