Racing to End Cancer…

Welcome to the Cancer Journeys Foundation Autocross/Racing Program…

picture of Cancer Journeys Foundation Mazda MX-5 autocross car

We created our autocross program to reach motorsports enthusiasts with the important message of testing and early detection of cancer.

As many as 30% of all cancer can be prevented by getting more exercise and eating better. This is especially true for prostate cancer, which is very curable when found early and treated.


We’re looking for 500 fearless drivers around the globe who will put our prostate cancer stickers on their car and talk to men and women about prostate cancer and the critical importance of early detection. You can pay it forward by being one of our #Fearless500 – we’re beginning with one ambassador per state. It could be you!

Beating Prostate Cancer is Simple

The Cancer Journeys Foundation has created a simple prostate cancer risk tool that shows men if they are at risk for prostate cancer – it’s called ProstateTracker Men just need to do the following:

  • Take an annual PSA blood test beginning at age 35
  • Enter the number into our free ProstateTracker and look for any rise in the number from the previous year
  • If there is a rise, talk with a doctor or medical profession immediately.
  • It’s that easy!

378 car El Toro 3:19:17 #2

Be a Cancer Journeys Foundation Volunteer Motorsport #Fearless500 Ambassador

You just need to put a sticker on your car and pass out our flyers when someone is interested.

Just having a sticker on your car is a rolling reminder to men that they need to take that PSA test. I guarantee that someone will take action because of the sticker on your car and you will have saved a life. Priceless!


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