How To Sell Your Unfinished Project Car

There are lots of ways to try and sell your unfinished project car: eBay; local newspaper ads; restoration shops, etc. But we have a much better idea that will save you lots of time and make sure you get the best possible price for your project.

Interested? Great! Read on. . .

Let Us Finish Your Car Rebuild Project and Give You a Tax Deduction

There’s nothing more fun for those of us who love cars than finding a neglected version of that special car we love so much and bringing it back to life as a perfect restoration. If that car is like most classic car restorations, it needs body work, paint restoration, an engine rebuilt, or, most likely, everything. That’s what makes it a challenge and so much fun. Right?

While restoration projects provide hours of enjoyment, often over years, sometimes they just become too time-consuming, costly, and, occasionally, challenging to our marital relationships!

If you have an automotive rebuild project that has become too much of a time or money pit and you’re looking for help through a car restoration shop, we may be able to help.

Just Driven LLC – Orange, California

We are super fortunate to have Daryl Alison’s Just Driven LLC managing our car donation program through the Just Donated LLC program.

Daryl has been in the restoration business for over two decades and, in addition to operating our car donation program, has a team that produces fantastic classic car mod restorations on high-demand classic cars.  [Including a project for Lady Gaga!]

The pictures in the sidebar show the restoration of a classic GT 40 replica car that was donated to the Foundation last year. [We’re working on a program to allow donors to experience driving this classic race car. Click here for information.]

Get a Tax Deduction for Your Auto Restoration Project

If your car qualifies for our program, you can donate your unfinished restoration project to the Cancer Journeys Foundation at any point in the restoration. Just Donated, acting for the Cancer Journeys Foundation, will appraise the car for its expected sale value when restoration is completed and provide you with an appraisal you can use for a tax deduction on your current year tax return.

Just Donated will complete the restoration, sell the car, and donate the proceeds to the Cancer Journeys Foundation to support our cancer survivor programs.

You will be able to take a tax deduction for your project even before we sell it, and help cancer survivors in the process. It simply doesn’t get any better than that.


  1. You can receive a tax deduction for your unfinished car or auto restoration project that you can use in your current tax year, as long as it is a car that we can sell once we complete the project
  2. The car can need engine restoration, engine replacement, transmission repair or replacement, paint restoration, or a complete restoration
  3. If the car qualifies, we will pick it up at your location
  4. We handle all of the paperwork, including the cost of the appraisal
  5. The funds generated from the sale go to support actual cancer survivors through the Cancer Journey Foundation programs

Three Easy Steps to Getting a Tax Deduction for Your Unfinished Auto Restoration Project

  1. Contact Just Donated LLC at  (888) 885-6710, tell them you learned about them on the Cancer Journeys Foundation website, and provide them the information on your car restoration project
  2. If the car qualifies, Just Donated will pick the car up at your location and do an appraisal
  3. The Cancer Journeys Foundation is a registered 501 c3 non-for-profit charity and will provide an official donation letter for the estimated sale value of your completed car project that you can file with your current tax year

Call us at (888) 885-6710 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday to Friday or use the contact form below.

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    Step 1 – Donate your unfinished project car to us. We take care of the pickup and all of the paperwork.

    Step 2 – We give you a tax deduction letter for the amount the vehicle will sell for when completed. You can use your tax deduction in the year you receive it.

    Step 3 – We finish the restoration, sell the vehicle, and the proceeds go directly to helping cancer survivors and disabled veterans!

    Have a project car you think fits the program?

    Contact us at the number at the bottom of the page. We’ll explain the simple process and give you an estimate on the tax deduction you can expect.

    Ford GT40
    Ford GT40
    Ford GT40

    Cancer doesn’t care. But we can. Your donated car will help cancer survivors have better lives.