Manhattan Beach Cancer Foundation Launches Cancer Prevention Month

February 03, 2017

MANHATTAN BEACH, CALIFORINIA. Manhattan Beach resident and Cancer Journeys Foundation President Robert Hess announced that the Cancer Journeys Foundation has partnered with the American Institute for Cancer Research in their 2017 #cancerprevention awareness program, part of Cancer Prevention Month.

“It’s the start of Cancer Prevention Month and we’re excited to join other health organizations to help individuals make the healthy lifestyle changes that can lower their cancer risk,” said Hess. “About half – 50% – of the most common US cancer cases are preventable. The recipe is simple: eat well, be a healthy weight, be active, and stop smoking.”

According to Hess, “How much you move is important and just 30 minutes of activity every day is enough to matter for #cancerprevention. I set a timer and take a short walking break every 25 minutes. My daily goal is that magic 10,000 steps.”

The simplest and easiest way to exercise is walking. Everyone can do it.

The Cancer Journeys Foundation has established a weekly walking program for cancer survivors in Manhattan Beach, California. The walk takes place each Tuesday morning. Details can be found on the events section of the Cancer Journeys Foundation’s website – Cancer Survivor Walk.

The American Institute for Cancer Research has created an easy 30-day checklist for reducing cancer risk. The checklist is available for download at – 30-Day Checklist.