Financial Resources for Cancer Patients

Financial support is crucial for cancer patients. A cancer diagnosis comes with a huge financial burden. There is the initial cost associated with the treatment phase and then the long-term costs associated with the cancer survival journey.

Below is a list of national and local organizations that provide help to cancer survivors struggling with this financial burden. Click the links below for information on how to find financial support. If you know of a resource we missed, please send an email to Resource

Cancer Care
List of financial resources developed by Cancer Care. Resources for Cancer Patients
List of financial resources developed by
Cancer takes a major toll on the body but often the side effects from treatment can be equally harsh — and can be particularly hard to deal with while on the job. This website provides an excellent collection of resources and insights.

Allyson Whitney Foundation, Inc
Assisting Young Adults with Rare Cancers with ‘Life Interrupted’ Grants™. Allowing them to focus on Healing rather than financial concerns. 

Andre Sobel River Of Life Foundation, 310-276-7111
Presents an unrestricted annual cash award to young people who have survived a life-threatening illness. 

The Bone Marrow Foundation, 800-365-1336
The Bone Marrow Foundation offers financial assistance and free support services to bone marrow/stem cell transplant patients and their families. 

BrainTrack Financial Aid Guide
Broad coverage of financial aid, including from government, school, private, and scholarship sources. Offers guidance on finding aid for special student profiles, such as those affected by cancer. 

Brenda Mehling Cancer Fund, 661-310-7940
Supporting patients 18-40 currently undergoing cancer treatment by covering services to meet daily needs, such as co-payments, health expenses, rent, insurance, etc… 

Cancer Financial Assistance Coalition
Detailed list of organizations providing assistance developed by the Cancer Financial Assistance Coalition.

Cameron Siemers Foundation For Hope, 877-509-9516
Offers life grants to young adults with life threatening illnesses inspiring a new generation of survivors to create a life of hope and possibility. 

Cancer For College, 760-599-5096
Provides hope and inspiration by awarding college scholarships to cancer patients and cancer survivors attending an accredited school or university in the US during the award period. High school seniors and current college students eligible to apply. Applications accepted October 1 through January 31.

Cancer Survivor’s Fund, 281-437-7142
Scholarships and financial assistance to help young adults obtain prosthetics or continue their education for personal growth.

Caporal Assistance Network, 512-535-4349
Provides financial aid to individuals 18-40 whose fertility may be compromised and connect those affected by a cancer diagnosis with community support.

The Colon Cancer Alliance, 877-422-2030
The Colon Cancer Alliance’s Blue Note Fund offers hope and financial assistance to colon cancer patients in need who are currently undergoing treatment.

Scholarships for patients, survivors, children of a cancer patient or survivor, students who lost a parent to cancer and students pursuing careers in cancer treatment.

The Michael H. Flanagan Foundation, 401-369-1740.
Our mission is to comfort leukemia and bone marrow transplant patients and their families and to enhance the patients’ quality of life.

National Collegiate Cancer Foundation, 240-515-6262
Enabling and empowering college students who are battling cancer with emotional, psychosocial and financial support including scholarships.

National GRACE Foundation, 401-793-6337
The National GRACE Foundation provides FREE college admissions and financial aid counseling to pediatric cancer patients and survivors.

Nicki Leach Foundation, 904-304-8531
Lifestyle scholarships and financial assistance for adolescent and young adult cancer survivor students that provide for everyday expenses like car payments, clothing and more.

PAF ‘Scholarships for Survivors’, 800-532-5275
Annual scholarships for adolescent and young adults with cancer under the age of 25 that provide financial assistance covering related expenses.

Patient AirLift Services, 888-818-1231
PALS arranges FREE air transportation to patients who are medically stable and ambulatory for diagnosis, treatment and follow up care at facilities out of the area in which they live. PALS covers the 14 northeastern states. No limit to the number of flights and never a fee.

The Ryan Mullaly Second Chance Fund
Offers scholarship assistance to young people whose high school years were disrupted by cancer and whose ability to qualify for most scholarships was precluded by the extensive absenteeism and physical disabilities which result from chemotherapy and radiation.

The SAMFund, 617-938-3484
Helping young adult cancer survivors with a successful transition into their post-treatment life by providing financial support through grants and scholarships.

Stephen T. Marchello Scholarship Foundation, 303-886-5018
Offers post-secondary scholarships to current year high school graduates who are survivors of cancer who reside in Colorado, Montana, California, and Arizona.

Student Loan Deferment and Forgiveness Programs
While there’s no way to snap your fingers and have your student loan debt magically disappear, there are programs to have it forgiven. Review the programs at the above link for one that may fit your situation.

Sy’s Fund, 413-512-9177
Provides funding for meaningful gifts and integrative therapies for young adults ages 18 through 39 with cancer or ongoing medical issues related to cancer or cancer treatment.

Ulman Cancer Fund For Young Adults, 888-393-FUND
Supporting, educating and connecting young adults affected by cancer through on-line resources, college scholarships, advocacy and awareness.

The We Believe Foundation
Raising awareness and providing financial assistance for teens and young adults battling cancer ages 15-29 yrs of age. 

Remember, If you know of a resource we missed, please send an email to Resources