Supporting Cancer Survivor Journeys

Welcome to the home page for the Cancer Journeys Foundation’s special programs. We constantly are on the lookout for ways to support cancer survivors and their support groups. While our main focus in on digital information to help survivors create that cancer survivor plans and for projects that enable us to raise funds to support our physical activity and nutritional support programs, we occasionally receive special support from donors that create special programs.

King and Queen of the Mountain Bicycling Competitions

Bicyling is a great activity for building fitness which improves the immune system, which in turns help prevents cancer and cancer recurrence. In 2020, we are expanding our Virginia-based annual bicycling events to a nationwide King and Queen of the Mountain challenge program based on the Internet platform. Our goal is to provide cancer survivors with goals to help them develop and maintain a fitness program that will help their quality of live and contribute to recurrence prevention. For non-climbers, we’re also adding a Sprint competition. Please click the links below and explore these programs.

Motorsports Against Cancer – #StopCancer Challenges

Motorsports has a huge following in America and we have begun engaging with the Sports Car Club of America to attend and sponsor events that will deliver the cancer awareness message. Please take a minute and explore our #StopCancer Mixed-Gender Team Autocross Challenge events.

Ford GT40 Replica Donation and Restoration

Several years ago, a generous donor provided us with a Ford GT40 replica car to support our cancer awareness programs. You can click this link to read the history of arguably the most famous race car in history – The Ford GT40 story.

Just Driven, LLC. in Orange, California is donating the time and materials to restore our GT40 replica to the original specifications. Click on the following link to visit our GT40 project page – Cancer Journeys Foundation GT40 Program.

picture of Ford GT40