Your Old Vehicle or Boat Can Help Prevent Cancer and Help a Cancer Survivor Live a Better Life!

15 Million Cancer Survivors
More than 15 million cancer survivors in the US need help to get through their daily lives. Your car donation will help cancer survivors have a longer and better quality of life.

A New Cancer Survivor Every 19 Seconds
Every 19 seconds another American learns they have cancer and begins their lifelong cancer journey.

Your Car Donation Will Cancer Survivors Have a Better Life
Donating your old vehicle, boat, or RV to the Cancer Journeys Foundation will save you the time, hassle, and expense of trying to sell it yourself and will give us the resources we need to support America’s cancer survivors.

You can donate to us in all 50 states and we will collect your vehicle and take care of all of the donation and processing details. Our vehicle donation program is unique because we take the time to make repairs to the vehicles we receive. This gives our donors a higher tax deduction and generates more dollars for our important programs.

We support all cancer survivors but we know some of our donors like their support to go to specific cancers, so we have created dedicated websites for breast cancer and prostate cancer.

Simply click one of the links below to have our team explain the donation process and provide an estimate on the amount of your tax deduction:

My family has a lot of experience with cancer. I’m a 15-year prostate cancer survivor; my father died of lung cancer; my eldest sister was taken by pancreatic cancer; and my youngest sister is just entering her second year as a breast cancer survivor.

Almost every family in America is touched by cancer. The Cancer Journeys Foundation exists to support cancer survivors and their caregivers. America’s cancer survivors and caregivers now total 59.5 million.

I know from personal experience how much good your vehicle donation will do.

Thank you in advance for your donation to our programs.

Warm regards,


picture of Cancer Journeys Foundation President Robert Warren Hess

Robert Hess
Cancer Survivor, Class of 2003

picture of donated car being uploaded on flatbed truck
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