Why Cancer Hates Bicycles

Thanks for reading this far! We know that cancer doesn’t know what a bicycle is but we do know that cancer cells hate strong immune systems. The best thing we cancer survivors can do is to keep our immune systems as healthy as possible and bicycling is a great tool to do just that.

I’ve kept my prostate cancer at bay for the past 18 years, in part due to my consistent cycling program.

I wanted to create a fun program for other cancer survivors, anyone actually, to make cycling a part of their wellness journey. So, we created a national Sprint Champion program. We have segments all over the US and in the United Kingdom.

The program is simple:

  • Visit the signup page
  • Find a segment you want to ride
  • Register, and
  • Ride the segment as many times as you like until December 31, 2020
  • If you are Number 1 in your USA Cycling age group, you win a free, very snazzy, Spring Champion jersey

Watch the video below and see if the challenge is for you.

Click the Easy button below for details. . .