How Did Your Cancer Battle Go in 2018? Mine Was a Mess!

I’m heading into my 15th year as a prostate cancer survivor and I do pretty much everything I can to keep my immune system at its peak for recurrence prevention. At least I try.

This post is about my personal 2018 cancer battle plan. If you’ve read any of my past posts, you know I constantly talk about the importance of exercise and good eating habits. In 2018 I talked the talk but didn’t walk the walk. Here’s what happened to me and some pointers that may keep you from falling into the sinkholes that snagged me last year.

I was doing well until mid-2017 when work began picking up and the time I had available for exercise shrank. Then I made some “not so smart” lifestyle decisions.

Full disclosure:

  • I slacked off on my bicycling. My mileage dropped from 1,683.28 miles in 2017 to just 1,297.95 miles in all of 2018. That’s a 23% drop and it showed on the scales.
  • Next, I toyed with a number of different weight loss programs: ketogenic – too strict for my wife and me to adhere to; high fat, low carbs – gosh I love cheese and bread; intermittent fasting – I really wasn’t good at this.
  • I got hooked on two TV series and slacked off on my walking in the evening, as well as my bicycling and strength training.
  • Bottom line: I cut my exercise time and began regularly eating foods that had been on my strictly “once in a while” list. Ouch!

My 2018 health results:

  • I gained 2.6 pounds in 2018. My target end weight for December 31, 2018, was 155 lb. I ended the year at 163 (I’m 5’10”). That was my weight when I was diagnosed with prostate cancer in December 2002.
  • My A1C is up
  • My cholesterol is slightly up
  • My BMI is up
  • And my percentage of body fat is T 24%

Here’s why this matters to this cancer survivor [Me! and maybe you]:

The In’s and Out’s for My 2019 Cancer Prevention Battle Plan:

My “Outs” for 2019

  • Alcohol – out (mostly)
  • Cheese – out (mostly)
  • Nightly TV – out (mostly)
  • Bread and pasta – out (I’m really going to work on this)

My “Ins” for 2019

  • Vegetables
    Cabbage soup
    Indian curries
    Zwift – more in
    Weight training – at least 1/week
    Riding to the antennas above San Pedro
    Weekly blog report
    Walking in the evening after dinner!

Beating Cancer Resources

I’ve put links to some of my favorite resources in the right column and I’ll be adding more. My key exercise tools are cycling and walking. I use the Zwift indoor virtual program in the morning before work. A 30-40 minute ride before breakfast jump starts my system and gives me some time to watch TED presentations.

I connect all of my activities to my account.  I love Strava because it integrates all of my activities and shows me how well I’m doing against my own previous times and against others in my age group. This is both accountability and competitive incentive. I love it.

The next resource is one of Selene Yeager’s numerous books on bicycling. Ride Your Way Lean has all the information you need to get started cycling and get down to your cancer prevention weight.

Then there’s myn Wahoo Kicker bicycle desk. I use this on for virtual training with Zwift on the patio in the summer and in the garage in the winter. It holds my iPad Mini and telephone so I can get work done while I exercise. Stress reduction?

Anti-cancer Weapons

Below are what I call my anti-cancer ‘weapons’ because I’m an Army guy and I think of my relationship with my cancer as an all-out war that I don’t intend to lose!

Beat Cancer With Us in 2019

If you’re a cancer survivor, or someone supporting a cancer survivor, I invite you to join the Cancer Journeys Foundation’s 2019 Anti-cancer Bicycling Program.

Just register at [you can register for free] and join our group at

Cancer is a tough enemy. But we don’t need to let it win!