Beating Cancer with a Bicycle

Cancer is an insideous opponent. It develops slowly and by the time you know you have it, your cancer may be well-advanced and hard to treat. A good exercise program is your best line of defense.

Depending on your particular cancer, the likelihood of recurrence can be quite high.  More and more research is pointing to the fact that routine exercise can significantly reduce recurrence. Click the following link to read a Dana Farber Clinic Report. Dana-Farber report on exercise and cancer recurrence.

I’m a runner, walker, and bicyclist. My favorite exercise programs are: 1) bicycling, 2) weight training, 3) walking with my wife. Bicycling is in first place because it takes me outside and I travel through a lot of scenery. A normal ride is 2-3 hours, which helps me meet the guideline of 150 minutes of active exercise weekly.

Looking at data helps keep me interested and engaged in bicycling. Using the tools I’ve listed below let me connect with other people and shows me how well I’m doing against my goals and past performance.

Click on the box at the right and follow me as I ride from Manhattan Beach to the top of San Pedro Hill and back. I use for tracking the map.

Here are my top tools for keeping myself engaged with cycling, which helps keep my prostate cancer at bay:

  • – for creating maps of my rides
  • – for tracking all of my rides and comparing my performance with myself and with other riders in my age group
  • – for analyzing my performance and managing my training plans
  • – for providing me with a virtual competitive community when I ride inside on my trainer. [My Zwift riding information syncs with my account so I have all of my ride history and data in one place.]
  • – This Garmin web app downloads and tracks the data from my outside rides with my Garmin 500 bicycle computer. pulls this data to create my Relive riding maps like the one in the box to the right.
  • – I’m exploring this functionality. I like the training plans and virtual power features. I’m going to reach out to them about using it for my velodrome sprint training.

Have a question? Click the blue “Contact” tab at the bottom right of the screen.

Next Steps for Cancer Survivors and Bicycling

  1. Check with your medical team about adding cycling to your exercise program
  2. Pull your bicycle out of the garage and take it to your local bicycle shop for a checkup
  3. Ask your shop for a recommendation to a local cycling club. They are everywhere and they will be delighted to help you get started
  4. Create a free account and join our cycling group on –