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Baseline PSA Predicts Long-term Prostate Cancer Risk

Baseline PSA Predicts Long-term Prostate Cancer Risk This post is courtesy of the Cleveland Clinic. . . A recent study involving Cleveland Clinic researchers suggests that baseline prostate specific antigen (PSA) levels in middle age can predict the long-term risk of clinically significant prostate cancer and be used to determine subsequent screening intervals. The [...]

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Agent Orange and Ischemic Heart Disease

Agent Orange and Ischemic Heart Disease - a Causal Link Most Vietnam veterans are aware that Agent Orange is considered a direct cause of prostate cancer.  However, in 2010 the Department of Veterans Affairs added heart disease to the list of medical conditions related to Agent Orange exposure. Read this post by #Amanda Dolasinski, [...]

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Agent Orange and Prostate Cancer

Agent Orange and Prostate Cancer Today is Veteran's Day observed in 2017, and prostate cancer is one of the war's last legacies. Agent Orange was one of several "rainbow herbicides" deployed in Vietnam, but Agent Orange was the most dangerous because of its use of TCDD (tetrachlorodibenso-P-dioxin). More than 2.5 million U.S. service personnel [...]

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Prostate Cancer: How Ben Stiller Beat It

Talking about a cancer diagnosis is tough. Talking about prostate cancer for men is really tough. But talking about protate cancer when you are a public figure in the prime of your career is off the charts scary. And courageous! So, a huge "Thank You" to Ben Stiller for taking the time to write an [...]

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An Improvement on the PSA Test for Prostate Cancer Presence

The detection of primary malignant circulating prostate cells; their significance and clinical utility by Robert Warren Hess One of the major challenges for medical science and physicians in dealing with prostate cancer is determining whether or not a specific prostate cancer is malignant - aggressive - or benign. The state of the prostate cancer makes all [...]

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