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How Diabetes Affects Cancer

How Diabetes Affects Cancer - The Covid-19 Report April 12, 2020 By Robert Hess Here in California, we are entering our fourth week under the stay at home policy and, I must admit, it's having some impact on my diet and exercise routine. I'm an avid cyclist as well as a bit of a [...]

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March is Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month

March is Colorectal Cancer Month New research funded by the World Cancer Research Fund (WCRF) Network shows that dietary interventions can improve the quality of life of, as well as lower depression in, colorectal cancer survivors. “If I’d known I was going to live so long, I’d have taken better care of myself.” – Leon [...]

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A Really Simple Cancer Prevention Plan for 2019

How Did Your Cancer Battle Go in 2018? Mine Was a Mess! I'm heading into my 15th year as a prostate cancer survivor and I do pretty much everything I can to keep my immune system at its peak for recurrence prevention. At least I try. This post is about my personal 2018 cancer [...]

Agent Orange and Prostate Cancer

Agent Orange and Prostate Cancer Today is Veteran's Day observed in 2017, and prostate cancer is one of the war's last legacies. Agent Orange was one of several "rainbow herbicides" deployed in Vietnam, but Agent Orange was the most dangerous because of its use of TCDD (tetrachlorodibenso-P-dioxin). More than 2.5 million U.S. service personnel [...]

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A Masters Track Cycling World Championship Ride for Cancer Survivors

2017 Masters World Track Cycling Championships - Velosports Center, Los Angeles Well, my ride day at this year's masters championships finally hit and I had the opportunity to compete against 11 other riders in the 500 meter time trial for my age group. If you've been following me on Facebook, you know that this [...]

3 Key Factors in Preventing Breast Cancer

3 Key Factors in Preventing Breast Cancer Almost 320,000 women will receive a breast cancer diagnosis in 2017 and 1 in 8 women will develop invasive breast cancer during their lifetime. That's the bad news. The good news is that simple changes can prevent one third of these cancers: being active, not drinking alcohol, and [...]

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Sleep Helps Prevent Cancer…

Sleep Helps Prevent Cancer... Studies in recent years have identified a relationship between lack of sleep and some of the top cancers in the United States: breast, prostate and colorectal cancers. Research also suggests that people with sleep apnea have an increased risk of developing any type of cancer. Photo courtesy of [...]

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2017 Cancer Survivorship Symposium

Day 0 - 2017 Cancer Survivorship Symposium I'm here in San Diego for this year's Cancer Survivorship Symposium. It looks like a very good agenda and I'm looking forward to learning things that we can share with the survivor community. Size (Weight) Matters! I was reading the latest issue of Cure magazine and research continues to [...]

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Day 1 of the AICR Conference on Food, Nutrition, and Cancer

25th Annual American Institute for Cancer Research Conference I just finished the first day of the AICR's annual cancer conference. This is a unique conference because it brings together medical science and nutritional science with a focus on preventing cancer. Prevention is an incredibly important issue for the 12.5 million cancer survivors in the United States [...]

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