Cycling is a Key Element in My Cancer Battle Plan

I’m now a 14-year cancer survivor and exercise has been a key part of my personal cancer battle plan since my treatment in May, 2003.

I record all of my rides and miles in Microsoft Excel and in an online tool called I’ve decided to post links to my rides in case anyone wants to ride along with me in the real or virtual worlds.

Cycling helps build your immune system and it also has a very positive psychological impact.

You can follow me and join our Cancer Journeys Foundation cancer cycling group on at Strava Athlete 58546.


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I’m the guy on the left. Then it’s two members of our board – Steve Kurtz (middle) and Scott Peterson (right)


Cancer Journeys Foundation board members, Robert Warren Hess, Steven Kurtz, Scott Peterson

My bicycling sessions as recorded on


Sunday, November 4th along Balonna Creek