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The Cancer Journeys Foundation Ford GT40 Program

We owe a special thanks to Mr. Michael Zarabi for donating this car to the Foundation.  IRS regulations require that we use donated vehicles like this to support our non-profit objectives. For the Cancer Journeys Foundation, this means supporting our prostate cancer awareness programs and fundraising for our cancer survivor support programs.

Thanks to the generous donated support by David Alison and the team at Just Drive, LLC in Orange, California, we are restoring the car to the specifications of the original 1966 Ford GT40 (read the Wikipedia article here – Ford GT40 history).

How The Cancer Journeys Foundation will Campaign the CJF Ford GT40

We haven’t yet decided the full range of activities for this car – we are open to suggestions – but it will include the following…

  1. Available for static display
  2. Donors – level to be determined – will be able to drive the car
  3. Fashion and advertising shoots
  4. A roundtrip trans-America rally in 2018 to support cancer awareness

Cancer Journeys Foundation Ford GT40 Replica Car Rebuild Journal…

As donated in 2015

Our Ford GT40 replica as donated in 2015. Note the extra air scoops on the rear deck.


Extra air scoops removed.

Narrated by Just Driven LLC owner Daryl Alison.

Why we are so excited about our Ford GT40 Replica Car – It’s automotive history that many people will be able to experience!

Drive a Ford GT40 Replica

The Ford GT40 is one of the most beautiful race cars ever made and its exciting to drive. Click the link below to see what is like to do a full speed lap in a 1966 For GT40 at Road Atlanta.

picture of Ford GT40

Like to Drive Our GT40 Replica Car?

Our rebuild should be completed in March 2018. The car will be kept in the Los Angeles area. We’re working on a program to let donors drive the car and get a feel for what it was like driving this machine in the 60’s.

If this tweaks your interest, complete the contact form below and we’ll email you when we have program details.

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