The Next Step on Your Cancer Journey

Step 1 in a cancer journey is completing the course of treatment. Once you’ve done that, much as I hate to say, every day following the end of your treatment is a battle against the cancer returning. At least that’s been my personal experience.

In my life, I can control three things that influence my cancer’s ability to rejuvenate itself:

  1. The nutrients I put into my body – what I eat
  2. How much I exercise – exercise boosts my immune system, and
  3. My mental outlook – my emotional state

I’ve managed to keep my prostate cancer at bay for 14.5 years now and my situation still looks pretty good.

I’m happy to share the plan that I use for your personal use. [Remember, I’m not a doctor and I don’t provide medical advice.*] This is simply my personal checklist on how to stay with my family as long as I can.

If you would like a copy, just complete the contact form below.

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