3 Simple Steps to Beating Prostate Cancer Like Ben Stiller

The Facts

Prostate cancer is a silent assassin because it shows no symptoms until it is at an advanced stage.Ben Stiller 1

Prostate cancer is very treatable when it’s caught early but it’s virtually incurable once it reaches Stage IV.

Make your prostate cancer risk visible with the ProstateTrackerApp. Catch prostate cancer early with 3 simple steps…

  1. Take a simple PSA blood test
  2. Enter the results in ProstateTrackerApp
  3. Look for a rise from last year of 0.75 or more. If you see a rise, talk with your doctor right away.

It’s that simple. Ben Stiller did it and so can you!

Your Next Step in Beating Prostate Cancer

Activate your early warning system at ProstateTrackerApp