Bicycling to Beat Cancer

If you’re a cancer survivor, take a minute and read this short blog post.

For the past 16 years, bicycling has been a key element in my battle against prostate cancer return. My goal is to ride outside at least once each weekend and indoor on my trainer using Zwif as my training partner and motivator.

Here are my key cycling tools:

  • I track my outside rides using for fun and motivation
  • I use a Garmin bicycle computer that captures my route, heartrate, speed, vertical feet of climb and some other stuff.
  • I have a account that captures this data and then relays it on to and
  • Plus my bicycles, of course!

Why I capture my bicycling statistics

Full disclosure, I’m a bit of an competitive amateur cyclist so this performance data is useful for measuring fitness. But, truth be told, I mostly use this information to track how I’m performing against myself. is a wonderful because it shows your performance over climbs and sprints over time. You can see at a glance how your day’s ride matches up against your previous best time. Did I mention it also shows your performance against other cyclists in your gender and age group? Pretty cool.

These tools keep me motivated to throw my leg over the bike and roll out when I’m just beat and want to sit on the sofa. I know that every minutes I spend exercising helps my immune system and it’s my immune system that’s my best defense against prostate cancer recurrence.

Plus, it’s a real kick when you own the King or Queen of the Mountain honors on a segment. Way cool in fact!

How to start your own bicycling cancer prevention program

  1. Find a bicycle club near you. Every club I’ve ever ridden with were wonderful people and super willing to help someone get started. Almost every club has “no drop” beginner rides. Find a local club here:
  2. Get a bicycle if you don’t have one. Done worry about dropping a ton of cash on a new bike. Have your club members help you find a suitable used bike.
  3. Create a free account. I guarantee you will enjoy it.
  4. Connect with our Cancer Journeys Cycling Group on Strava:
  5. Connect with me on Strava:

I hope to meet you out on the road!

Warm regards,


Stop cancer bicycle ride route

Pedaling to Beat Cancer