9 Ways Cancer Survivors Can Reduce Stress

When you are a cancer survivor, some level of stress is always with you. It’s a constant companion most of us just can’t completely shake. So, what are some ways we can  dial down our emotions and live calmer.

Jane Ashley wrote a nice piece for Cure Magazine with her short list of suggestions.

“People who haven’t experienced cancer believe that cancer survivors should just pick up and resume life as it was before their cancer diagnosis. But we soon realize that it’s not that easy. Unfortunately, there is no “pause and resume” button in a cancer survivor’s life.
Each of us responds differently to our cancer experience, but there are some universal changes in our response to life that will allow us to live a meaningful life after cancer. About 5 percent of the U.S. population are cancer survivors — that’s almost 17 million people in the U.S. who face learning how to live a purposeful and meaningful life after cancer. So how do we find peace of mind and quality of life?”

Tip #1: Don’t borrow trouble. Don’t worry excessively.

“There is a fine line between worry and being realistic about planning for the future. While we as cancer survivors must acknowledge that there is a risk of recurrence, we cannot allow that risk to consume our thoughts and rob us of today’s joy. We’ve fought cancer, and we have a good medical team looking after us. We can’t prevent a recurrence with worry. So while there is that risk, it’s best to be realistic that all we can do is modify our diets, exercise, stop smoking, limit alcohol consumption and follow other recommendations specific to our type of cancer. Beyond that, there is nothing more that we can do — all the worry in the world won’t prevent a recurrence.”

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