Stress Reliever and Phone Holder!

Meet “CJ,” the Cancer Journeys Foundation’s new mascot CJ. CJ holds your smart or a small tablet and presents you with a smile every time you look at him. Stressed? Just give him a squeeze and check out his smile.

For a donation of $25 you can bring a smile to a cancer survivor’s face. For a donation of $50, “CJ” can be yours and you will still have two to give away as gifts. $25 for one. Three for $50.

Believe us, CJ will make your phone life easier. Just put CJ on your desk to have your phone handy and at a perfect viewing angle. At night, put CJ on your nightstand with your phone and never need to pick up the phone to see who’s calling or texting.

Show a cancer survivor you care. Bring a CJ into your life.

Free Shipping within the Contiguous United States is included in the price. $5 per shipment to Alaska, Hawaii and Canada.

PS: He’s also a fantastic business card holder!!