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Baseline PSA Predicts Long-term Prostate Cancer Risk

Baseline PSA Predicts Long-term Prostate Cancer Risk This post is courtesy of the Cleveland Clinic. . . A recent study involving Cleveland Clinic researchers suggests that baseline prostate specific antigen (PSA) levels in middle age can predict the long-term risk of clinically significant prostate cancer and be used to determine subsequent screening intervals. The [...]

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Auto Club Speedway Track Day

We're super excited participate in the Sports Car Club of America Track Day at the Auto Club Speedway on February 24th. We've been driving autocross for the past two years to reach the auto enthusiast demographic about the importance of early detection of prostate cancer. Prostate Cancer Awareness on Four Wheels It's really [...]

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Prostate Cancer Research Institute Mid-year Update

2017 Mid-Year Prostate Cancer Conference The PCRI has announced their line-up for this year’s conference: An Update on Active Surveillance, Advanced Treatment, and Proton Therapy... Radiation Therapy | Carl Rossi, MD Advanced Treatments | Robert Dreicer, MD Active Surveillance | Mark Scholz, MD Moderator | Mark Moyad, MD The 2017 Mid-Year Update, held at the Marina [...]

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