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9 Ways Cancer Survivors Can Reduce Stress

9 Ways Cancer Survivors Can Reduce Stress When you are a cancer survivor, some level of stress is always with you. It's a constant companion most of us just can't completely shake. So, what are some ways we can  dial down our emotions and live calmer. Jane Ashley wrote a nice piece for Cure [...]

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2020 Cancer Battle Plan

2020 Cancer Battle Plan If you are a cancer survivor, you might be interested in reading this post and following this thread. I'm documenting my personal cancer battle plan for 2020 - I'm going into my 17th year as a prostate cancer survivor - and I'm succeeding in some areas and struggling in others.  [...]

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Tuesday Morning #StopCancer Walk Manhattan Beach

Tuesday Morning #StopCancer Walk, Manhattan Beach Cancer hates a healthy body! Walking is easy cancer prevention. Cancer cells thrive on a weak immune system and chronic inflammation. Being fit reduces inflammation and improves your immune system. So, if you are a cancer survivor or simply someone who wants to lower your cancer risk, you need [...]

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Sunday Afternoon #StopCancer Walk in Manhattan Beach . . .

Exercise Stops Cancer! Join US Sunday Afternoon at Manhattan Beach Pier Cancer hates a fit body! Research shows that 30% of all cancers can be prevented through exercise and good nutrition. So, we're cranking up our walking programs here in Manhattan Beach. Join our Sunday afternoon #StopCancer walk at 4:30 pm. You won't believe how [...]

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