The 2017 SCOR Century Ride in Solvang, California

3,000 cyclists made the annual pilgrimage to Solvang, California for the annual SCOR Solvang Century ride. This was my fourth year riding Solvang but my first year at the event representing the Cancer Journeys Foundation’s prostate cancer awareness project.

First, let me give you my thoughts about the Solvang Century ride. . .

  • I love it,
  • The people that run the event are great,
  • It’s for a good cause,
  • There is a route for everyone and they are both fun and challenging,
  • Almost 3,000 riders and significant others came to the event,
  • It’s very female friendly,
  • The town of Solvang is a fun and interesting place to walk around – a bit “touristy” but fun, nonetheless,
  • It’s a little bit of faux Denmark. I just wish someone sold mead!
  • This year’s rain turned the Santa Ynez valley into an emerald oasis,
  • Vineyards are coming to the valley,
  • You have a wonderful sense of accomplishment when you finish your route.

My Favorite Places to Eat In Solvang…

Selling Prostate Cancer Awareness

There were lots of vendors at the event selling cool cycling stuff. We at the Cancer Journeys Foundation, however, were selling something far more challenging, the need for men to begin testing for prostate cancer. We arrived with our wrapped Honda Element carrying our gear and bicycles and setup our booth Friday afternoon to be ready to great the riders during Friday evening registration.

Cancer Journeys Foundation at Solvang

By 3 pm we were ready to go, flanked by a people nutrition company (Spiz) on one side and a dog nutrition company on the other. The Spiz was pretty tasty (chocolate) but I can’t comment on the NutriSource dog food – although it sounded like it would be pretty good for our canine friends.

Rolling with my Board

It was great to have two of my board members with me on the ride, Steven Kurtz and Scott Peterson. Steve and Scott rode the 70 mile course while I did the shorter 52 mile run so I could be back and talk to guys about prostate cancer.

Cancer Journeys Foundation board members, Robert Warren Hess, Steven Kurtz, Scott Peterson

Left to Right: Robert Hess, Steve Kurtz, Scott Peterson

Our Stats from the Ride…

  • Gave 2,980 cyclists info on prostate cancer and how to create their free prostate cancer early warning system at ProstateTrackerApp
  • Rode a collective 198 miles
  • Met a great bunch of people
  • Had two great meals, some excellent wine and, of course, some great pancakes

Prostate Cancer Kills…

  • 29,000 men die each year from prostate cancer
  • More than 1.3 million men dead since President Nixon declared the “War on Cancer” in 1974
  • But, it doesn’t need to be that way!

3 Simple Steps to Beat Prostate Cancer

  1. Take an annual PSA blood test every year beginning at age 35
  2. Personally track the test results at ProstateTrackerApp
  3. Go see you doctor if you see a rising trend!

That’s it. One-Two-Three and Prostate Cancer is On the Run!

Hope to see you on the road!