How I use Bicycling to Prevent Cancer Recurrence

I’m just about the begin the 15th year of my personal cancer journey. It’s been a road since December 13, 2002, when my doctor told me I had prostate cancer.

Even back then research showed that exercise played a role in preventing cancer progression. I took a look at my lifestyle habits and reorganized my daily schedule a bit to fit in some time in the gym and bicycling on the weekends.

Those weekend bicycle rides gradually got me fit enough to begin riding 100-mile century bicycle rides and over the course of a decade I rode the 24,901.6 miles, the distance around the world at the equator.

I got more fit, lost 10 pounds, and my prostate cancer remains in remission.

How I fit Bicycling into a Very Busy Schedule

I’ve been working with early stage and startup companies for the past two year. Along with my work here developing the Cancer Journeys Foundation and running our awareness programs, I’m days are pretty jam packed.

So, I created a small space in my garage, bought and inexpensive indoor trainer for my bicycle, and ride it at least 15 minutes sometime during the day.

I use the HIIT (high intensity interval training) system, which very simply is a series of high intensity efforts – 30 to 6- seconds – followed by a period of rest. It takes just 10 minutes. Here’s a link to a HIIT program for cyclists.

Join the CJF on a #Stop #Cancer Bicycle Ride

If you live on the East Coast, we’d love to have you join us at the 2018 Alpine Loop Gran Fondo in Harrisonburg, Virginia. It’s our flagship fundraiser. It’s run by #Jeremiah Bishop and his wife Erin and is one of the best rides in the entire US.

Is Cycling Part of Your Cancer Battle Plan?

We’d love to hear from cancer survivors who are using cycling to beat cancer. You can leave a comment below. Better yet, though, email us at cycling @

Just for fun, the data above is from my HITT session yesterday. I use to track my efforts and you can create a free account and link up with our #stop #cancer #cycling group.