#StopCancer Walk on Sundays in Manhattan Beach. . .

/, Cancer walks/#StopCancer Walk on Sundays in Manhattan Beach. . .

#StopCancer Walk on Sundays in Manhattan Beach. . .

Walking is great for your health: it’s helps keep your weight in check and it’s a great mood lifter.

But walking is especially good for cancer survivors because it helps support the body’s immune system, which is the first line of defense against cancer recurrence.

The Cancer Journeys Foundation is beginning our program of creating a nationwide network of daily and weekly walks for cancer survivors with our walk along the ocean in Manhattan Beach, California. We’re out every Tuesday morning and Sunday afternoon.

Just click on our Events page to find the next event here in Manhattan Beach.

Want to start a Cancer Journeys Foundation walk in your area? Email us at stopcancerwalk @ cancerjourneysfoundation.org.



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