“CJ,” the Cancer Journeys Foundation Mascot, Visits Italy . . .

I’m a 15-year cancer survivor and after I realized that I was going to survive past my treatment period and hit my ‘new normal,’ I began to think about what I could do to help other cancer survivors.

I hope that some of the things I have done and plan to do will help you or cancer survivors you know.

My Cancer Recurrence Prevention Plan

Find your cancer early when it’s most treatable!

My first project was ProstateTrackerApp.com, which is a free early detection system for prostate cancer. We now have several thousand men using the tool and more joining every week.

Ride cancer into the ground!

A good exercise program can cut cancer risk by 30% or more, so bicycling became a key part of my recurrence prevention program. So far it’s worked and along the way we created a great cycling awareness event and one of the best gran fondo cycling events in the US – The Alpine Loop Gran Fondo.

Tell cancer to take a walk!

Our current project is building a nationwide walking program for cancer survivors. We’ve started here in Manhattan Beach, California –  https://cancerjourneysfoundation.org/event/cancer-survivors-walk-manhattan-beach/

Why we created a cancer survivor mascot . . .

I’m a cancer survivor and I remember very well the emotional roller coaster cancer survivors ride as they go through treatment and then on into a lifelong cancer journey. I know how hard it is to get up each morning and face the day. And I know the emotion burden that care givers carry.

So, we created “CJ” – short for Cancer Journeys – as a mascot that’s always there to support us and always with a smile.

CJ – we need a better name – goes with me everywhere. He’s a great cancer survivor ambassador because he’s really good at opening conversations about cancer and what we need to do to support the cancer survivor community.

CJ recently visited Italy to help in our cancer awareness conversations. The picture above is CJ on the patio in Positano, Italy.

You can follow the Cancer Journeys Foundation Facebook page to see his travels through Italy.

Are you good at naming things?

You can help us name him at http://bit.ly/HelpNameOurMascot.

Need someone to help you through the day? Know a cancer survivor who needs a smile in the morning?

You can have a “CJ” of your very own and help a cancer survivor on their journey!  Click the following link to visit our store – http://bit.ly/CancerJourneyMascot