Building Immunity Against Cancer

Cancer now touches one in every two American families, making cancer awareness and prevention something we need to pay attention to everyday. Our own immune system is our first and best line of defense against. The question is, what can we do to prevent cancer or cancer recurrence?

The answer to cancer prevention is really pretty simple. Our bet Any activity that improves your physical fitness helps to build your immune system. Walking, hiking, roller blading, even dancing, gets you moving and helps your immune system.

I happen to enjoy bicycling, which gets me outside in the fresh air and helps me get that 30 minutes of daily exercise that’s so important.

I created a Cancer Journeys group on where you can join up with me and log your miles.

Just click the following link and be part of my next trip around the world to keep my cancer at bay – Cancer Journeys Group on

Robert’s May 12, 2018 Anti-cancer Ride