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Beating Depression with My Bicycle

Beating Cancer and Depression with Bicycling If you are a cancer survivor anywhere along your journey, this post may help you keep your cancer at bay and help alleviate the mental depression that often comes with treatment. I'm going into my 18th year as a prostate cancer survivor.  I can't say for certain that [...]

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How Diabetes Affects Cancer

How Diabetes Affects Cancer - The Covid-19 Report April 12, 2020 By Robert Hess Here in California, we are entering our fourth week under the stay at home policy and, I must admit, it's having some impact on my diet and exercise routine. I'm an avid cyclist as well as a bit of a [...]

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Turning the Pedals to Stop Cancer

Bicycling to Beat Cancer If you're a cancer survivor, take a minute and read this short blog post. For the past 16 years, bicycling has been a key element in my battle against prostate cancer return. My goal is to ride outside at least once each weekend and indoor on my trainer using Zwif [...]

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A Really Simple Cancer Prevention Plan for 2019

How Did Your Cancer Battle Go in 2018? Mine Was a Mess! I'm heading into my 15th year as a prostate cancer survivor and I do pretty much everything I can to keep my immune system at its peak for recurrence prevention. At least I try. This post is about my personal 2018 cancer [...]

Agent Orange and Prostate Cancer

Agent Orange and Prostate Cancer Today is Veteran's Day observed in 2017, and prostate cancer is one of the war's last legacies. Agent Orange was one of several "rainbow herbicides" deployed in Vietnam, but Agent Orange was the most dangerous because of its use of TCDD (tetrachlorodibenso-P-dioxin). More than 2.5 million U.S. service personnel [...]

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