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Robert Hess is an entrepreneur, business owner, CEO, senior executive coach, startup company advisor, and passionate cancer advocate. He is a 15+ year prostate cancer survivor dedicated to ending prostate cancer and helping cancer survivors have the possible possible quality of life. You can find him autocrossing or tracking his Mazda Miata, covered in cancer awareness messages; racing his Serenity in the velodrome; or walking and hiking with his wife. Earlier in life he had the honor of leading soldiers in the US Army - they even let him fly helicopters for a few years. Connect with him on LinkedIn @ RobertWarrenHess.

2017 Cancer Survivorship Symposium

Day 0 - 2017 Cancer Survivorship Symposium I'm here in San Diego for this year's Cancer Survivorship Symposium. It looks like a very good agenda and I'm looking forward to learning things that we can share with the survivor community. Size (Weight) Matters! I was reading the latest issue of Cure magazine and research continues to [...]

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Day 1 of the AICR Conference on Food, Nutrition, and Cancer

25th Annual American Institute for Cancer Research Conference I just finished the first day of the AICR's annual cancer conference. This is a unique conference because it brings together medical science and nutritional science with a focus on preventing cancer. Prevention is an incredibly important issue for the 12.5 million cancer survivors in the United States [...]

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Prostate Cancer: How Ben Stiller Beat It

Talking about a cancer diagnosis is tough. Talking about prostate cancer for men is really tough. But talking about protate cancer when you are a public figure in the prime of your career is off the charts scary. And courageous! So, a huge "Thank You" to Ben Stiller for taking the time to write an [...]

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The 2016 Alpine Loop Gran Fondo Was Fantastic!

The 2016 Alpine Loop Gran Fondo for Prostate Cancer Awareness is in the Record Books by Robert Warren Hess The last Sunday saw the completion of the 6th annual Alpine Loop Gran Fondo for prostate cancer awareness. Over 500 cyclists visited Harrisonburg, Virginia for this year's gran fondo. And, for the 6th straight year, the [...]

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An Improvement on the PSA Test for Prostate Cancer Presence

The detection of primary malignant circulating prostate cells; their significance and clinical utility by Robert Warren Hess One of the major challenges for medical science and physicians in dealing with prostate cancer is determining whether or not a specific prostate cancer is malignant - aggressive - or benign. The state of the prostate cancer makes all [...]

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The Cancer Journeys Foundation Blog

What cancer survivors need to know for their Cancer Journeys by Robert Warren Hess As of this writing, I am 3 months into my 13th year as a prostate cancer survivor. I believe I may be at the very beginning of my prostate cancer recurrence, but it's too early to tell. I'm tracking my semi-annual [...]

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